Hosted PBX

If you have a hosted PBX, your phone system provider is responsible for housing the necessary technology for your business phones to run, as well as your IP-PBX.

The benefits of having a Hosted PBX include:

At Town & Country Communications, we design, install and maintain your business phone system for you, so all you need to do is plug in and you are ready to go!

Cloud PBX

A cloud-based PBX is largely the same as a hosted PBX; in fact, the terms are often used interchangeably by many providers. However, there are some slight differences in the fact that, unlike with a hosted PBX, there is no physical location where servers and hardware are stored; these run in the cloud instead. Calls are therefore processed via the internet rather than any physical hardware.

On-Premise PBX

An on-premise PBX (or IP-PBX) relies on you housing all relevant computer equipment at your location. Those with an on-premise PBX usually use SIP Trunking in order to establish a connection between the PBX and standard phone network (PSTN), using an internet connection.

An on-premise PBX is suitable for businesses who already have in-house specialists and who want total over their VoIP phone system. For example, call centres often use on-premise PBX systems, as it gives them greater control over customisation and call quality. Another benefit to on-premise PBX is that monthly rental costs will be greatly reduced, though in exchange you must consider staff and maintenance costs.

If you are considering a new VoIP phone system then we can help. We have affordable solutions for all types of PBX, from SIP Trunks to fully hosted phone systems. Contact our team today to find out more on 01202 514444.

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