Business Mobile Specialists With Vodafone

This added flexibility also allows us to include international call rates and further bolt ons for minutes, texts and data depending on where the customer is calling from or travelling to. In some cases, we have saved customers up to 50% on their bills by using this model.

Town & Country Communications can give customers the reassurances they need that they have their monthly bills under control, especially when we include our range of call and fraud alerts that specific networks do not offer.

By utilising signal boosters in areas that have poor signal for 3G and 4G reception, we can support our customers with an improved service and better connectivity across the UK. Lack of connectivity for these types of data connections are one of the biggest points of contention between customers and mobile phone networks.

Town & Country Wave 50

Brand New Features From Vodafone

European Traveller which allows you to use your UK call plan abroad for a fixed daily fee.

World Traveller which allows you to use your UK call plan in selected counties in the rest of the world for a fixed daily fee.

Vodafone are currently trialling WIFI calling which should be available shortly.

Town & Country Wave 60