End-to-end encryption added to 1 billion Whatsapp accounts

Whatsapp, the global messaging service company has officially turned on end-to-end encryption across all their apps for over one billion active users.


World's first useful bendable smart phone, ReFlex!

The smartphone prototype, named ReFlex and is being designed at Queen’s University in Canada. This is one of the first true implementations of a bendable screen into mobile OS design.


Apple is set to source modems from Intel for use in the iPhone 7

Even though it is likely to still be another six months until release, the iPhone 7 is already the focal point of quite a few rumours in the technology world.


A possible game changer for Broadband Speeds in the UK

The annoyances of slow internet downloads could become a thing of the past after British researchers discovered a way to send data at 50,000 times the average broadband speed.


Samsung to add Ad-Blocking services to Android Phones

As of Sunday night, Samsung is adding ad-blocking software to all of its Android devices, reports the Guardian. The software built in to the Samsung web browser automatically blocks ads from appearing on web pages. The new ad-blocking software is to be added in with the latest software update.


The Mobile Technology Model can help you!

It has now been stated that the mobile technology model has potential to make productivity, mobility and security more efficient and profitable in 2016 by experts at Signal Alliance and Microsoft.


Mobile Document Sharing Tools

When you own a small business, you can't always purchase every new tech development or gadget that comes along. It's simply not possible to make every new technology part of your operations.


Important iPhone News!

We've got some news for all those with Apple iPhone's that is well worth paying attention to! iPhone has added some new features since the news iOs 9 update which are quite interesting and worth checking out.


iPhone 7 will be 'much less power efficient' than rivals

Bad news for iPhone fans who have been hoping and praying for Apple to improve the battery life of their phones. The latest iPhone 7 rumours this week suggest that the forthcoming handset will stick with the battery-eating screens Apple presently uses.


Ways that cloud communications can help build your travel and hospitality business

The travel industry has undergone an incredible transformation in today’s on-demand world. It is no longer the case that customers book travel through an agency or call an airline to book a trip. Simply hosting a connected website isn’t


In 2015, just how good is a cheap smartphone?

Smartphones in the UK can range in price from the cheap to the plain outrageous, but do you truly get what you pay for?


Modern smartphone battery life myths busted!

The batteries in our smartphones have changed considerably in the last few years, and the old tips that used to work are no longer true. We've decided to shed some light on the truth about your smartphone's batteries.


Can you run a business entirely from your mobile phone?

Business mobile phones in the modern world offer such a wide range of services and functionality - but is it actually possible to run your entire business from one?


Pepsi 'to release mobile phone' in China next year

Drinks giant Pepsi has announced it is working with a licensing partner to market a new line of mobile phones and accessories.


Three beats competition to launch UK's first 4G mobile voice service

Three UK has just released a new element of technology, which will allow mobile signal to travel much further, reaching rural locations and eliminating “blackspots” across the UK. 


We're one step closer to making in-flight calls

United States regulators have announced that they believe airlines should be able to decide whether to allow passengers to make calls during flights.


Five reasons to consider Microsoft's Lumia 950

Microsoft has managed to gather a small but committed audience of mobile users that are devoted to their line of Lumia smartphones. But is there good reason for this?


Apple outsells Microsoft in global mobile phone sales

In the previous quarter of the year, Apple managed to surpass Microsoft and become the second-largest mobile phone distributor in the world.


Apple's iOS 9 means you will 'never run out of signal'

Apple has revealed another feature from its upcoming iOS 9 operating system known simply as 'Wi-fi assist'.


Britons love their smartphones and 'selfies'

For the first time ever, smartphones have moved ahead of laptops as the preferred device for surfing the internet in the UK.

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