Could super-fast 5G replace broadband in our homes?

A survey commissioned by Three UK claims that 5G will be so fast and reliable that it will become a viable alternative to fixed line broadband in homes and businesses.


Meet the Razer Phone 2: ‘the ultimate gaming phone’

Last year, we reported on the release of the original Razer Phone, a smartphone made “for gamers by gamers.” Now, Razer has released its second mobile handset, the Razer Phone 2. So how does the new model shape up when compared with the old?


Will switching to a VoIP phone system save my business money?

If your business already has a fast internet connection in place, then switching to a VoIP phone system could save your business hundreds of pounds a year.


How to choose the best business phones for your company

Selecting the right business mobile phone contract is an important decision and you will need to consider several factors first, such as your budget and what you will use them for.


Help your business save money with SIM only deals

Investing in business mobile phones comes with a range of benefits, and you can save even more money by choosing SIM only deals and packages.


Millions of mobile phone customers overcharged after contract ends

Millions of customers are being overcharged a total of up to £500 million, even after they have paid for their mobile phone in full, highlights Citizen’s Advice.


Which business telephone system is right for you?

With so many telephone systems available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best. We will help you choose which one is right for you!


Why you should consider a business landline

If you are a small business, you may be wondering if it’s worth investing in a business landline. Whether you operate from home or in an office, we explain why we think your business should have a landline.


New technology detects when drivers are using their phone

New signs are being trialled in Norwich, Norfolk that can detect when drivers are on the phone, or texting while behind the wheel. Norfolk county council are hoping that the new devices will put a stop to drivers not giving their undivided attention when driving on the road.


All homes and businesses must have access to fibre broadband by 2033

The Government’s infrastructure department has announced that all homes and businesses, even in rural areas, must have access to fast fibre broadband by 2033.


New Roaming Packages for Countries Outside the EU

We are proud to offer our international phone roaming packages to 104 destinations outside of the EU, which allows you full access to your UK tariff allowance.


New Apple app to tackle phone addictions

Apple has released a new wellbeing app called Screen Time that will reduce the amount of time people can spend on their iPhones. It’s not surprising that a large number of people that own smartphones have a slight addition to using them. 


How to prolong your iPhone or Android's battery life

Nowadays it's become the norm to charge your mobile phone every night, sometimes even multiple times in the day! How different it seems compared to a few years ago when smartphones didn't exist on the market, a mobile phone could last a few days without its battery dying. 


Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro designed to help students concentrate more

Released in January 2018, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro was created to not connect to the internet, in an attempt to help students concentrate more on their education. Students using their phones instead of focusing in class is becoming more of an issue for the education sector. 


The best Samsung galaxy phone of 2018

The new release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in March has impressed smartphone and Android lovers all over the globe. Although impressive the Samsung Galaxy S9 has already gained some controversy on its worsened battery life and price increase, but do the new features make up for it? 


Important iOS 11.3 iPhone updates

On the 29th of March 2018, Apple released the new update iOS 11.3 available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s been tested since January of this year and was created following Apple customers’ concerns regarding battery life and consumption.


Why you should consider business phone deals

If you are the owner of a business and need mobile phones for your workforce, then you may be wondering what the benefits of business phone deals are, and what this means for your company. We explain why our business phone deals are the way to go, saving you money and offering you tailored service and flexibility.


Will you be buying the Light Phone 2?

You wouldn't be blamed if you haven't heard of the Light Phone 2 before, it’s still in its prototype design phase and it’s causing a storm online across Northern America and Europe, soon to hit the UK. 


Nokia 2 gets a UK release date

For months details about the Nokia 2 have been kept very secretive to the general public until now. Nokia recently announced that their newest model will be released on the 26th of February 2018, available from retailers of Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis, Argos, EE and Tesco. 


New phone releases in early 2018

With the start of February, it's almost time for new smartphone announcements from various different technology brands that include Samsung, LG, Motorola and Nokia.

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