With nine iPhones currently still supported, there is plenty of choice when it comes to picking an Apple device for your next contract. However, different iOS devices have different advantages: read on for our guide to which one is best for you.

iPhone XS Max

Apple’s biggest and best iPhone has a 6.5-inch screen, an HDR10 screen and a 12-megapixel, depth-sensing camera. Quite simply, it’s the best quality iPhone ever released, with a huge screen to watch videos on and Face ID recognition to help you on the go. It can be an expensive phone to own and it’s slightly too big for some, but it’s still an impressive phone, nonetheless.

iPhone XS

At 5.8 inches, the iPhone XS is a lot easier to use with one hand without being too small to cope with your day-to-day tasks. Whilst the battery life is a little more underwhelming than the XS Max, many of the features remain, such as the camera and A12 Bionic chipset. It’s a little cheaper but still has many of the same features that you’ll find on the Max.

iPhone XR

With outstanding battery life and a low price, the iPhone XR is an even cheaper option that still has Smart HDR. It’s perfect for anyone prone to frequent travel, though its camera and screen aren’t the most impressive that Apple offer. The iPhone XR is available in a range of colours too, so if you’re looking for a bright iPhone, this may be the model for you.

iPhone X

The iPhone X was a game-changing phone for Apple, and still stands up today as one of the most impressive phones ever launched. Whilst it is expensive, it comes with iPhone X-exclusive Animoji, which is great for social media, and the screen is impeccable. With one of the fastest processors ever, this phone is a statement piece with fast specs and great features.

iPhone 8

The best-selling iPhone of all time, the iPhone 8 looks a little dated nowadays. There is, however, a lot to be said about this classic model: its price is fantastic, the wireless charging and fast charging are still excellent and though the camera isn’t a dual-lens one like on the X, it is still one of the best iPhones for taking photos.

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