Choosing the right telephone system to maximise communication whilst minimising cost is essential. Our telecommunication experts break down the best phone systems you should consider if your business operates across multiple locations.

Cloud-based / VoIP phone systems

Conventional, on-site private branch exchange phone systems are not ideal for multi-site businesses, as you’ll need to purchase and maintain PBX hardware for each location separately. 

Cloud-based or VoIP phone systems are not based in your building. They’re virtual phone systems that are based in a data centre elsewhere and rely on the internet for you to connect rather than physical lines.

This feature makes cloud-based phone systems an excellent choice for multi-site businesses, as all your business phones can be unified under one service across multiple locations.

Benefits of cloud-based phone system for multi-site businesses include:

Town & Country Communications will install a cloud-based telephone system for your business that is certain to benefit your multi-site business. Contact us today for a quote!

We have built our reputation matching clients to the perfect business phone system. If you require further information and advice regarding whether a VoIP business phone system is right for you, don't hesitate to contact our team of business telecommunication experts on 01202 514444.

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