To help you discover more about this type of phone system, our business phone experts have outlined what such a system could mean for you and your organisation.

Choosing a cloud-based phone system

Choosing the right business phone system can be a challenging process but it is a crucial step in improving communication across your business since customers, prospects, partners and vendors will all experience your brand over the phone. When choosing a cloud-based business phone system, it is certainly beneficial to understand some of the key features that this telephone system offers, in order to know if it could potentially be the right fit for your company.

Key features of a cloud-based phone system

Cloud-based telephone systems have a host of impressive features. The cloud-based phone system provided Town & Country, for instance, includes the following:

Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature improves availability and productivity. It does this by allowing you to forward all incoming calls to a number of your choice, so If you know that you are going to be away from the office but are expecting an important call, this feature can redirect phone calls to your mobile device, for instance.

Call Notify by Email

Call notify by email is a handy feature that triggers an email to your chosen email address if a call meets a series of criterion that you get to choose. For example, if you receive a call from a caller ID that you urgently need to speak with, you can set up a call notify by email that will inform you when someone using that caller ID phones your VoIP system.

Call Recording

Call recording is a feature that gives you the ability to record all calls. This feature can be turned on for certain hunt groups or specific handsets depending on the way that you choose to set it up.

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb is a feature that can be activated through an online platform or on a handset. Users of handsets can activate and deactivate 'do not disturb' as they need.

Call Queue Groups

A call queue group enables call queueing if all users in a hunt group are already on the phone. By queueing calls, you ensure that your business doesn’t miss potentially important phone calls just because all your team are already busy attending to other matters.

Call Transfer

Transferring calls is easy when using a cloud-based phone system. Simply put, this feature allows you to answer a call and then transfer it to another handset. When transferring a call, you can transfer it to a handset that isn’t even in the same room - or even the same area code.


You can read about many other features provided by a cloud-based phone system through Town & Country - simply click here.

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