Three not ready for the 2019 launch

The mobile service provider launched Fixed Wireless Access (FQA) on 5G in London in August and had intended to roll this out further to 25 towns and cities before the new year. However, Three now claim they want to ensure they are fully prepared and that all parts of the network are in order before they commercially launch 5G.

A representative from Three said: “some of these components are more time consuming and complex than others, and, as a result, our 5G roll out is slightly behind our original plan.” The delays include obtaining planning permission from landlords to install 5G capable systems, something the government is looking into changing, as well as migrating customers to its cloud network.

The last big operator to roll out 5G

Despite already doubling the number of 5G masts in London and upgrading more than 1,400 sites, Three is now expected to launch 5G in the first three months of 2020. This means that Three will once again be the last to launch such a significant update out of the four big name mobile operators; EE was the first to launch 5G back in May, followed by Vodafone in the summer and 02 in late autumn. However, the competitors’ 5G networks are still in their infancy, so it’s believed this slight delay won’t harm Three in the long term. 

The most reliable 5G on the market?

Even though Three is the smallest mobile phone operator of the big 4, it believes its 5G network will catapult the brand into first place thanks to its spectrum holdings. Indeed, it boasts it has the most user friendly 5G of any network in the country, with 100MHz of contiguous 3.4GHz airwaves that ensures it can offer faster and more reliable connectivity. 

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