Save money on your phone bills

Let’s start with perhaps the most important reason to switch your business phones to VoIP - the savings. While you may have to invest in some new technology upfront, the ongoing cost of VoIP is often much lower when compared to traditional landlines. This is because your phones are streamlined into just one, simple system that uses the internet to work, meaning lower monthly bills and the elimination of other fees, such as long-distance call charges and the need to pay for additional services, like video chat. Calls between VoIP phone systems are also totally free! 

Wide range of fantastic features

What makes VoIP business phones different from traditional phone lines is that they use the internet to make calls and perform many other handy services. This means that instead of being limited to plain old voice calls, your business phones will now be capable of so much more, such as screen sharing, video chats and even video conferencing! It can also be used to send media files - photos, videos etc – streamlining communication between both employees and customers. 

Quick and easy to install

Whilst installing VoIP business phones may sound complicated, it is actually a fairly quick and easy process. The installation may involve downloading specialist apps onto your existing phone system or installing discrete adapters which convert the phone signal from analogue to digital. While it may be fairly simple, we recommend consulting with a professional IT company to ensure you get it right and understand exactly how to take full advantage of your new innovative phone system. 

Answer calls from anywhere

As VoIP business phone systems work using the internet, you can make and take calls from anywhere that has a connection. This means that employees working from home, in satellite offices or those who are often on the road, won’t be disconnected from their clients or miss important phone calls, improving productivity and effectiveness as well as enhancing customer service. 

The disadvantages of VoIP business phones 

VoIP based phone systems need a secure and reliable internet connection to work properly; if your business suffers from a patchy connection, you may experience poor service. To make sure this doesn’t happen, contact the experts at Town & Country Communications today and we’ll help ensure your internet is as consistent and robust as possible, something that will benefit all areas of your business, not just the phone lines.   

As one of the leading providers of business telephone systems in the South, you can rest assured that the experienced Town & Country team will supply you with the best VoIP phone system. Simply call us today on 01202 514444 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or tell you more about the benefits of VoIP.

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