A “SIM card swap scam” is preying on victims who believe that their network provider is texting them. The thieves behind this scheme trick network providers into swapping a victim's mobile number onto another SIM card.

At this point, the victim of the scam will usually receive a 'customer service' text from their network provider, followed by another text message or email from their banking provider to confirm registration to their online banking services. This scam bypasses the now common two-factor authentication methods that come with stealing passwords, and instead steals the six-digit verification codes sent by your bank when you try to set up a new payees and transfer money online.

Thousands of pounds have been recorded as stolen by these fraudsters, who are basically granted enough information to access and empty your bank account, should they acquire enough personal information. 549 cases of SIM swap scams were reported to Action Fraud in the three years leading up to 2018, with the amount stolen averaging £4,000 per victim.

How we prevent you becoming a victim of a SIM swap scam

At Town & Country Communications, we work closely with you on your mobile phone plan. We have a personal relationship with all our customers, so any calls regarding your mobile services will always be a member of the team you are familiar with. Simply put, we'll know instantly if an impersonator is trying to access your account!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and liaise with you to provide the best possible package and plan. As a family run business who enjoys engaging with our clients, and have a sophisticated fraud preventation system in place to ensure you don't fall victom to malicious fraudsters, and won't be fooled into giving out any of your personal details.

We offer 24/7 fraud and overspending alerts, so should you feel particularly worried about the potential threats that hackers pose, we’re at your beck and call to assist.

We are leading suppliers of business mobile phones in the South. If you are looking for mobile handsets or SIM only deals at excellent rates, then don't hesitate to contact us today!

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