Fifth generation mobile networks will hit the UK this year, bringing with them exciting developments not just for consumers, but businesses too. According to a report from PSB, 82% of business leaders and analysts surveyed believe that small businesses will grow as a result of 5G, with 85% expecting more global competition.

5G is thought to offer a range of benefits, from increased productivity at work to simply enjoying your mobile device more. Read on for the top developments you can expect from 5G.

Faster download speeds and lower latency

Since third generation mobile coverage launched in the 2000s and smartphones began integrating mobile data, internet download speeds have rocketed on mobile devices. This is set to increase even further with 5G, with some reports promising speeds a hundred times faster than 4G; this is the equivalent of downloading two hours of video in just a matter of seconds!

When it comes to businesses sharing files, this is incredible news. Lower latencies should really improve business’ ability to work productively without unnecessary delays or lags.

Improved battery

Downloading excessive amounts of data with 4G takes up a lot of your battery. Whilst increasing the amount of data you can use may seem like it will only take up more of that precious battery life, 5G is actually expected to improve battery life. For businesses that use multiple high-demand applications, 5G is going to save them a lot of time energy.

Better reliability

Calls dropping out and signal issues are a bane of most businesses but 5G is said to be super reliable. 5G will provide unbroken access to a quick internet connection, making it easier than ever to be available adn productive outside the office.

5G could prove to be a cultural gamechanger for businesses. Most workplaces have some form of remote working, though poor technology is a significant stumbling block for productive working. The government are exploring how to implement 5G rurally in the UK, so the hope is that wherever you are, you’ll be able to stay better connected than currently with 4G.

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