Customers with a hosted / VOIP phone system

The benefit of a hosted / VOIP phone system is that you can just pick up your handset from your desk, the power cable and the ethernet cable that is plugged into your phone, take them home and connect the phone to your router. Your phone will then continue to work just as it did at the office. Handy!

However, we advise trialling this in advance as some routers do not always support the phone system and you don’t want to be left without a means of communication. If you find your office phone doesn’t work at home because of your router, you will need to call your broadband supplier and ask if the SIP ALG can be disabled; this is what usually prevents the phone from working.

Also, if your business runs the phone system through POE, then you probably will not have a power pack for your phone and will need to purchase one. At Town & Country, a power pack costs just £10 + VAT but as these are not in stock, you will need to order yours in advance.

Traditional / fixed phone system running via ISDN2/ISDN30/analogue line

If your business’ phone system runs ISDN2/ISN 30/Analogue lines, the Town & Country team can apply a call divert so when a customer or client calls your main phone number, the call will be automatically diverted to another phone number of your choosing. Setting up a call divert such as this can take our experts between 24 and 48 hours as it needs time to go live through the network. So once again, we highly recommend testing and setting up your phone system sooner rather than later so you’re completely ready for remote working.

Mobile Phones

If you require a temporary mobile phone number or data connection, then we can supply the special SIMs needed on a simple 30-day contract. There would be a one-off cost of the hardware if so required. If you think you may use more mobile data on your phone than you should, you may find it useful to consider either adding a one-off data top-up or temporarily increasing your monthly allowance.

If you’d like to discuss any of the phone systems or features mentioned above so you can rest assured your phone system is ready for home working, please don’t hesitate to contact the Town & Country team today on 01202 514444.

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