More on satellite charges

What can you do to avoid these sky-high charges?

There is a very simple way to avoid these eye-watering satellite charges and that’s to switch your phone to 'Flight Mode' and turn off data roaming when traveling by air or sea. However, once you reach your destination, you’re going to need to be able to connect your phone to the internet, whether to wi-fi or a network, especially when you’re travelling for business. 

Town & Country Communications help you and your employees avoid extravagant charges when travelling abroad by applying a Worldwide Data Cap to all mobile numbers we supply. This cap covers data consumption in excess of £63 and can be removed at any time (though please note, we cannot be held responsible for subsequent nasty charges or bills!). The cap may conflict with the World Traveller tariff and you may find that after 10 or 11 days of travel outside of Europe, your data will be stopped. If this happens, simply call our team on 01202 514444 or email

To learn more about our popular traveller mobile plans and the handy Worldwide Data Cap, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01202 514444.

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