VoIP phone systems work anywhere 

With a traditional landline service, you are tethered to that one location, which means when nobody is in the office, your calls go unanswered. However, those who have updated their telephone system to a VoIP based service, a telephony that uses an internet connection instead of a traditional landline, are able to ensure their service was uninterrupted and that clients and customers can continue to call them exactly as they had always done. That’s because VoIP are not fixed to one specific location but allow you to connect another phone to the system, whether a mobile or handset, to work as an extension of your office phone – a great benefit for those working remotely. 

Build a VoIP package around your business needs 

Another great advantage of VoIP phone systems is they offer far more advanced functionality than their outdated counterparts, including video conferencing, cloud data protection, auto attendant, and call transfer, to make communication so much easier. You don’t need to employ all the features but can tailor the functionality to the needs of your business by choosing those that will help the most. 

Save money on your phone calls 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing a VoIP phone system is the saving. VoIP is significantly cheaper than traditional landline services and offer free international calls, and the installation and maintenance of its software and hardware is often more affordable. It’s estimated that switching to VoIP can save businesses at least 40 per cent on local calls and up to 90% on international calls, significant savings that be funnelled into other areas of your operation. 

So, if you struggled to cope with your outdated phone system during lock down, upgrade to VoIP today and enjoy a huge range of benefits in addition to seamless remote working. To learn more, get in touch with Dorset’s leading communication experts, Town & Country, today by calling 01202 514444.  

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