So, where did these conspiracy theories come from and is there any truth in them?

A brief history of 5G conspiracy theories

According to coronavirus conspiracy theorists, coronavirus is caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by 5G radio antennas. Alternative theories suggest that 5G weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible.

It is important to note that myths and theories concerning 5G were rife even before the coronavirus outbreak, with many people believing 5G to be dangerous to life due to stronger radio signals than either 4G or 3G.

Over the last few years, 5G has been blamed for a number of events, including the unexplained deaths of large numbers of birds, such as occurred in October 2018 in The Hague and December 2019 in Wales. This is despite the fact that mass unexplained bird mortality is a phenomenon that predates 5G by several years.

It wasn’t just the natural world that appeared under threat – groups feared for human lives too. When EE said that it would be trialling 5G at the Glastonbury festival during 2019, the town council opposed it, as have Totnes and Frome councils since.

No scientific link between coronavirus and 5G

The scientific community at large has banded together to dismiss the claims that 5G has any connection to coronavirus and is biologically impossible. The argument is that, whilst 5G radio waves do cause a heating effect, this would be nowhere near high enough to cause a meaningful change in the body.

Adam Finn, professor of paediatrics at the University of Bristol, stresses that: “The present epidemic is caused by a virus that is passed from one person to another. We know that this is true. We even have the virus growing in our labs, obtained from a person with the illness.”

Another factor to take into account is that coronavirus is spreading in UK towns and cities where 5G have yet to be deployed and in countries like Iran that has no 5G technology at all as of yet. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has also stressed that there is “absolutely no credible evidence for the link”.

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