We’ve been providing excellent phone systems, mobile phones and broadband for estate agencies for decades. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor products and deliver an outstanding service that you can be proud of. Read on to find out how.

Save on your phone bill

With so much of an estate agent’s time spent on the phone, it’s important to have the best possible deal when it comes to your phoneline. We have helped numerous estate agencies save hundreds of pounds of their phone bills over the years and can find the perfect details for your circumstances, since we’re not tied to a specific provider.

Record calls

We offer a range of benefits when it comes to the business phone requirements of estate agents. Should you ever need to record inbound or outbound calls, our specialists can help by giving you these capabilities. We will consult with you to determine exactly what kind of service you want from us and provide you with extras to match.

Reliable broadband

High-performing broadband is a necessity, rather than a luxury, to so many estate agents. At Town & Country Communications, we can provide you with reliable broadband, and can even upgrade your estate agency to a VoIP or hybrid system to improve the reliability of your telephone system. We can liaise with you to provide you with the perfect option for your business.

Redirect calls to your mobile

Estate agents often work on the move, travelling between properties for much of the day. If you’re out of the office, our experts can redirect calls to your mobile so that you can still talk to clients even when they phone the office and you’re not in.

24/7 support

We understand that good communication is a top priority for your estate agency. At Town & Country Communications, we offer support around the clock: if you’re in need of our help at any time of day, we can get you back online as quickly as possible so that a broken or faulty phone system or mobile won’t end up costing your business.

We have been leading providers of business phones for companies in the South for over 25 years, so you can rely on us to find you the right handset and tariff at the best price! Contact us today on 01202 514444 to discuss your business mobile phone requirements.

Town & Country Wave 10
Town & Country Wave 20

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