The announcement highlights the plan from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), which aims to give fifteen million homes and businesses across the UK access to fibre broadband by 2025 and 10 million more by 2030.

The programme would be set to begin in 2019 and the Government is now under pressure to come up with a National Broadband Plan by the beginning of next year to fill in fibre broadband dark spots by the 2033 deadline, including in rural areas.

The overall cost for the project is predicted to cost in the region of £4 billion, however the NIC has stated that it is essential that the plan been done now to “avoid the risk of the UK being left behind in years to come.”

However, this target is incredibly ambitious. Even Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who announced similar ambitions of reaching 15 million properties by 2025, admitted that it would be difficult to achieve.

UK broadband speeds slip down the global rankings

However, something evidently must be done to avoid the UK from sliding further down the connectivity ladder. We’ve already begun to slide compared with last year according to Cable, a global broadband speed comparison site.

The UK has dropped from 31st to 35th, which puts us in the bottom third of EU member states and they predict that the UK will only continue to slide further if nothing is done soon, as other European countries move further ahead. However, it is worth bearing in mind that other countres don't have the same difficulties that face the UK when it comes to supplying broadband.

Principal Analyst at the research company Assembley, Matthew Howett, stated that: "The fastest country in this survey, Singapore, is about the size of London and obviously doesn't have the same challenges with remote and rural areas that we have in Britain."

We shall have to wait and see whether or not the NIC's broadband plans come to fruition in the future and whether or not the Government will address it.

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