1)    Change your password regularly

We’ll start with the most obvious advice. Don’t use the same password for everything and make sure to change them regularly to keep hackers at bay. Though it can be annoying to create different passwords that have a mixture of letters, numbers, special characters and sentence cases, it’s the best way to ensure your important files and log ins remain secure.  

2)    Ensure your computer has a decent firewall

Very simply put, a firewall lets the good stuff into your computer and keeps the bad stuff out. Most machines have one already built in, but it is possible to upgrade these to even more powerful ones. If you’re not sure which option is right for your needs, get in touch with the Town & Country IT experts today and we’ll be happy to advise. 

3)    Don't ignore computer updates

There’s a reason your computer keeps asking you to install the latest updates and that’s not only to ensure you have the best possible user experience. Updates are crucial for protecting your device from viruses and hackers as they will almost always include security upgrades and bug fixes that improve the operating system and its safety measures. Though this can be time consuming, it’ll be well worth it, and you can schedule the update to take place at the end of the working day so you minimise computer downtime. 

4)    Don’t click on any links you don’t recognise 

One of the most common ways hackers target computers is to send spammy emails that contain a link to a virus or software that can gather your login details. So, if you receive an email you aren’t expecting, don’t recognise the sender or it seems suspicious, do not click on any links or downloads any files. Instead, contact your IT support team for their advice on how to proceed.

5)    Back up your data 

Unfortunately, hackers are using increasingly sophisticated technology, so if they do manage to access your network, you may need to restore your computer to a time before it was compromised. Restoring a PC means you will likely lose all your files, apps, downloads and software you had installed, which is why it’s vital to back up your data on secure servers. By backing up your files and data, you can rest assured that even if the worst should happen, you still have access to all your important files. 

6)    Install anti-virus software

Similar to a firewall, anti-virus software helps to protect your computer from outside threats and viruses. However, it includes lots more features that go further in protecting your important and sensitive files from attacks, such as conducting regular searches for malicious files and providing a way to remove them. 

Town & Country is a leading provider of comprehensive IT support systems to businesses across the South and are experts at ensuring your network is as safe and secure as possible. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01202 514444

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