1) Reliable phone systems lets you communicate with your customers 

Of course, one of the most important things to be able to do while away from the office is to communicate with your customers. A reliable VoIP phone system will allow you to continue chatting with your customers as if you were in the office thanks to their clever range of features.  

For example, a VoIP phone system works using the internet which means you can pick up your handset from your desk at work and plug it in at home (or anywhere with an internet connection) and carry on as normal.  

2) Communicate seamlessly with colleagues 

There are few things more frustrating at work than having to delay a project because you can’t get hold of a colleague. Being able to talk to your coworkers while you’re away from the office is another crucial consideration to keep operations running smoothly.  

Being able to easily chat with the people you work has another benefit too. It helps staff maintain the camaraderie and relationships they built in the office, a vital ingredient in looking after the wellbeing of your staff and business.  

3) Continue to work as (almost) normal  

A VoIP phone system has a whole host of fantastic benefits that help you continue to work just like you would in the office. Such features include instant messaging, a VoIP app for your mobile, email integration so you never miss a message again, and auto attendant to help answer, escalate and direct all incoming calls!  

And this is just a selection. VoIP phone systems are incredibly popular because of all the amazing things it lets you do. You can view a more comprehensive list of features here.  

4) Keep that personal touch  

Another great feature of a reliable VoIP phone system is one which is particularly beneficial when working remotely or if a face to face meeting isn’t possible. The clever technology of this innovative phone system can allow you to utilise video chat so you can host and attend meetings with ease, allowing you to carry on as if you were physically present.  

This feature is particularly useful for keeping everyone involved in the meeting socially distanced and safe. Plus, even after COVID-19 restrictions are a distant memory, being able to hold virtual meetings will save you lots of time and money on travelling to and from destinations! 

Town and Country is the South’s leading communications experts, specialising in installing reliable phone systems that make remote working easy. To learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01202 514444.  

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