Town & Country are driven by and specialise in giving the highest level of customer service combined with an excellent pricing structure.

We are a small friendly team and DO NOT use overseas call centres or auto attendant. One of our friendly and experienced team members is always ready to pick up the phone and help with your requirements, assuring you of the highest level of customer service, support and advice.

By offering a personal one stop shop solution to suit your business communications, we are able to offer tailor-made packages to suit each and every business or establishment. We can manage the account from start to finish, by ordering lines, installing equipment, billing and supporting the whole account for you. Regular tariff reviews are essential to ensure your costs are kept  low at all times and we pride ourselves in having the structure in place to implement this.

Town & Country Communications has been trading as a family run business since 1991 and we firmly believe we have gained enough experience and knowledge to provide you with the best landline packages and highest level of customer service within the industry.

  • ISDN30 lines
  • ISDN2 lines
  • Analogue lines
  • Low cost calls through BT wholesale
Town & Country Wave 50

Fraudulent Call Activity Alert System

There has been a vast increase of telephone system hacking(fraud) within the Telecoms industry. This happens as a result of someone breaching the parameters/security on your phone system to access the outgoing lines to make calls all over the world and these calls are usually international or premium calls with high charge bands.

To minimise the risk to your business, we can offer an EMAIL ALERT NOTIFICATION that will send an automatic alert to you and ourselves to confirm that the parameters we have set have been breached and then at this point, we will contact you to confirm if these are legitimate calls being made and if they are not, we can take the necessary steps to bar the line from outgoing calls and put a stop to the fraudulent calls.

Town & Country Wave 60


We utilise the BT network to offer fast and efficient broadband to all businesses. We offer various broadband packages to suit your business requirements at a cost effective monthly price. We can provide broadband over analogue lines, super fast fibre broadband and we can even provide you with your own dedicated broadband over a leased line or an Ethernet Fibre line.