What’s a Ubiquiti network?

A Ubiquiti network extends the range of your Wi-Fi coverage and provides reliable wireless access. With a dashboard feature, you can also keep track of your internet health, data demand, and bandwidth traffic.

At Town & Country, we supply and install a wide range of Ubiquiti products. Offering both hardwired or wireless solutions, we can help you find the right choice for your home or business.

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Who might benefit from a Ubiquiti Wi-Fi system?

Ubiquiti systems are suitable for any house or business that requires a stable wireless connection that can be extended to any room in the building. We have installed Ubiquiti systems in a range of workplaces, as well homes ranging from four bedrooms to much larger.

Discover how a Ubiquiti system could improve the Wi-Fi coverage by contacting us on 01202 514444.


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