Why is IT security important?

Your data – and your clients’ sensitive data – is important and should be treated like any other physical asset your business has. In the same way you lock your doors every night or have an alarm system fitted, you should have the necessary safeguards to prevent your important data falling into the wrong hands. 

GDPR legislation sets out strict guidelines on how data must be managed, processed and stored. That’s why it’s important to seek advice from an IT security specialist to ensure you’re employing best practice.   

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How we can help 

At Town & Country, our cyber security experts can provide a variety of key solutions, including antivirus, security audits, secure remote access (crucial if a lot of your staff are continuing to work from home), data backup and recovery, automatic updates and patching (to cover potential holes in software that hackers could exploit), web, email and network security, and vulnerability scans to assess your network for potential weaknesses. 

To make sure your business is safe and secure, get in touch with our IT security team today on 01202 514444.

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