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Lewis Wyatt has been a client of Town & Country Communications for over 12 years now, and we have grown a great relationship with them over the years.


Lewis Wyatt has been Town & Country’s business phone customer for over 12 years now and has grown a great relationship with them over the years.

Like we do with every customer we carry out a review on the accounts usage every 6 months to make sure the current plan is offering the correct minutes etc and most important that there costs are the in line with their monthly usage.

The contract for all 36 numbers was coming to an end so I did my final review for the contract to work out the best price plan for the next 24 months. The past 3 or 4 times we have re-signed this customer we have created a hardware fund which is to allow new phones, but this time we took a different approach and looked at a SIM-only package. 

SIM-only allows us to reduce the customer line rental based on factual usage and create a substantial saving. Based on our findings we were able to save the customer £148.96 + vat per month which over a 24 month contract saved them £3575.04 + vat per month

This meant with Lewis Wyatt’s phone requirement they still saved £2000 saving over the 24 months.


We set up and install lines and broadband in to portacabins and sales sites for Lewis Wyatt’s new projects. This entails full project management from start to finish with liaising with different BT/Openreach departments and Lewis Wyatt site managers to enable successful installation of lines and broadband. 

We offer them flexible and temporary installations without long term contracts as some of their new sites are only operational for six months.

As we have a direct relationship/agreement with BT wholesale, this allows us to offer wholesale prices for installations, monthly line rentals and call charges and this is offered on all sites and their head office.

This left Lewis Wyatt Construction Ltd very happy with our service and the promise of our working relationship growing year by year.

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