Town and Country Communications are proud supporters of Britannia Parking Group Ltd, providing their workforce with mobile phone contracts on O2.

We were invited to the tendering process where we were competing against alternative independent resellers and the networks directly. Based on a full tariff analysis, we were able to identify the actual usage of each mobile phone and the keys areas of additional expenditure. We were also able to support additional discounts on the published tariff costs.

Britannia chose to work with a local company instead of the network directly as we could offer a better account management. We supplied all the new sim cards which were numbered for easy distribution and the transfer was a smooth transition.

From O2 back to Vodafone and more

However, there were a couple of numbers that experienced a lack of network coverage on the O2 network – but as part of our service, we were able to facilitate a transfer back onto the Vodafone network. Town and Country Communications have also supplied some short term 30 day data only contracts to support their parking machines.

Since the transfer, we have assisted with quite a few changes including adding GPRS bars to numbers that are not using smartphones, adding data to numbers that have received new smartphone’s and also supplied new hardware directly to their offices, which have been deducted from the hardware fund.

We will continue to review this account every month for the first 3 months, and then quarterly from then on to ensure we are delivering the costs as proposed.

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