We have looked after the business landlines and broadband for ABS Holdings for two years. They are a large company that has 35 stores nationwide.

They chose Town & Country for their landline supplier because the savings we were able to create for the company were greater than other providers that tendered for the account and we were able to offer a 24/7 level of support if any of their lines or broadband went down.

We are also able to offer them one point of contact for complete management of their estate. This means that any new lines or broadband they require for any new store, any faults they have on any of their many lines or any general billing queries they may have, these will all be dealt with by one person.

When we transferred all of their lines and broadband from their previous provider, we worked very closely with their IT provider to ensure that all broadband connections transferred smoothly and with no downtime. We also achieved this by transferring their broadband circuits in stages to ensure that if there were any issues, we could fully manage this on a case by case basis.

We also supplied a leased line to their head office which is a dedicated broadband service, in which we were able to offer a better price than the other providers that quoted for this and a quicker install time. The other reason as to why ABS chose us to supply their leased line is because we could fully manage the connection end to end with our own equipment and this ensures maximum continuity, resilience and management of the connection. 

We also look after their company mobiles. The mobiles bills are reviewed every 6 months to ensure the costs are kept to the minimum and key areas of cost being international travelling are on the lowest cost tariff when required.

Due to the large volume of iPhones, we have always been able to offer the instant support of screen replacements in the event of accidental damage with a loan phone service if required and our warranty exchange service has benefited the business for mobile phones that are not local.

Town & Country Wave 10
Town & Country Wave 20

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