Broadband Packages for Educational Facilities

Broadband is a necessity for any education institution. Whether you’re looking to create additional networks for students and guests or a private network for your faculty, a speedy connection that allows users to download, stream, and access resources online is a major step in streamlining your facility’s IT capability.

Through our partnership with the BT network, we can offer fast, efficient broadband packages to suit your school, college or educational facility at a cost-effective monthly price. We can provide ADSL, superfast fibre broadband, or even a leased line that gives you your own dedicated broadband pipe.

VoIP Phone Systems Set up For Education Facilities

With BT switching off landlines, upgrading to a VoIP phone system is now an essential move for schools and colleges. Our systems will provide your institution with three things: reliability, quality and value for money. What’s more, they’re easy to set up, can be connected to any working router and are very economical, especially as VoIP-to-VoIP calls are free.

Whether to help contact parents about ill pupils, or inform the right communities when the school is closed due to snow, we will work with you to determine the right VoIP system for your institution.

24/7 Educational Facility IT Support Services

Ensuring excellent communication at all times is vital in the education sector as it helps keep parents and staff properly informed. We know that a faulty IT or phone system can result in confusion and frustration, which is why we offer one of the best support systems available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

With our expert IT support, we will respond quickly and proactively in the event that you encounter technical issues. We know that you need to be able to depend on your IT systems and hardware, which is why we’ll always be there to help.

Our highly skilled team can visit on-site or support you remotely, ensuring we get you back up and running again swiftly, minimising any disruption to your lessons.

Our IT experts can provide a range of flexible support packages to suit the needs of your establishment, from one-off assistance to managed IT and infrastructure support. We can also help with data backups and Office 365 management. To minimise disruption to your teachers and pupils, we provide 24/7 IT support.

Unsure which systems are right for your educational facility? Our friendly and knowledgeable team will walk you through all the best options. Get in touch today to get started!

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The importance of correct IT set up for schools and educational facilities

Town & Country fully recognise the importance of correctly installed and maintained IT services for your educational institution, especially as the ways of learning are becoming increasingly digitised. Nowadays, schools and colleges heavily rely on IT infrastructure for a myriad of daily tasks – from faculty payroll to lesson planning to even teaching virtually.

We offer an extensive array of IT services that are rigorously tested and come with a wide range of capabilities to suit your daily educational requirements, taking into consideration your proposed IT budget.

If you are considering upgrading to new, more cost-effective IT services, Town & Country is on hand to help you get the best deal. Get in touch today on 01202 514444.

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Choose Town & Country for your educational facility’s IT services

We are fully aware that anytime disconnected could lead to chaos for both teachers and students. We offer our clients an excellent 24-hour support network to guide you through any particular problems to help keep your institution operating and educating smoothly.

Our IT experts can provide a range of flexible support packages to suit the needs of your establishment, from one-time support to managed IT and infrastructure assistance. We can also help manage your cyber security, data backups and Office 365 requirements. To minimise disruption to your day-to-day operations keeping both your staff and pupils content, we provide 24/7 IT support.

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