Why is fraud and cost prevention essential for business phones?

Landline fraud is a growing threat facing businesses today, with incidents rising by approximately 15% year on year. A successful hacking attempt can result in your business spending hundreds, if not thousands more on its phone bills - that’s enough to push some small businesses into bankruptcy.

It’s therefore essential that your business phones are property protected against a potential attack by malicious bodies that want to exploit your landlines or mobile for their own use.

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Fraud and cost prevention for business landlines

Our landline fraud prevention system protects our clients’ phone systems against hacking attempts.

The way in which this works involves setting call duration parameters to locations such as international and premium rate numbers. If these parameters are breached, the customer and ourselves will be emailed detailing the phone number dialled, the time of the call and the number the call was made from.

This allows us to get in touch with our client in order to validate if the call is legitimate. If it is not, we can then look to put an outbound call bar in place to prevent fraudulent calls being made to that specific location. We can also take necessary steps to change the phone system password in order to block the hacker from regaining access to the system.

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