Why is fraud and cost prevention essential for business mobiles?

SIM-swap fraud is a growing threat facing both private and business mobile phone owners. This is when fraudsters manage to acquire enough information about you to convince your mobile provider to transfer your number onto another SIM card; they then use this to steal the verification codes for your online bank accounts.

The average amount recorded as stolen per victim of SIM-swap scams was £4,000 according to Action Fraud. It’s therefore essential that your business mobiles are properly protected against a potential attack by fraudsters that want to exploit your personal details for their own use.

The close relationship we have with our clients means that we can ensure you never fall victim to a SIM-swap scam. Don't hesitate to contact our team to discuss how our fraud prevention system for mobiles can benefit your business!

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Fraud and cost prevention for business mobile phones

Town & Country Communications has an alert system in place to catch any unusual activity on our clients’ business mobiles, including:

  • Exceeding data limits
  • Use of the phone in a country which is not supported in a country with a cheaper tariff
  • Exceeding minute and text allowances
  • Calls to international numbers from the UK


Having all of these alerts in place allows us to be proactive and not just alert the user of the mobile phone but the main bill payer/finance director, so they can make a decision on how best to proceed.

We can also set data alerts at 50%, 80% and 100%, which is emailed to the user so they are aware of their usage throughout the month. This gives them the option to add more data if they feel they need more.

You define the parameters by which they want your mobile to be governed, which gives you total flexibility and control when it comes to receiving alerts.

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