The Light Phone 2 has been created to follow a very simple design for people that “hate smartphones”, it’s the size of a credit card as its purpose is to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone 2 is available to purchase online through the Indiegogo campaign website, where you can contribute to the project’s fundraising goal and become a backer or purchase the Light phone 2 at a reduced price.   

So how exactly does the Light Phone 2 differ from other smartphones on the market? The phone model focuses on holding very few apps and services, as it has been designed to work as a second phone for users. “This is why we built a phone that’s designed to be used as little as possible it’s a casual second phone that encourages us to leave our smartphones behind from time to time,” states The Light Phone.  The sentiment behind the prototype is for society to disconnect less from our smartphones. The phone’s simplicity in just messaging, phone calls, and an alarm clock app are meant to encourage users to connect more with others in their everyday work and social lives rather than on their screens. 

“Our phones have become our nervous habit, our invisible crutch. We find ourselves reaching from them without thinking. We love their illusion of productivity & stimulation that is socially acceptable to abuse. Multitasking is a myth, it is addictive and exhausting. It is glorified procrastination,” quoted from The Light Phone’s manifesto. 

The phone includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 208 MSM8208 processor, and has three days worth of battery, ideal for people that need a phone to keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle. An extra bonus is as the phone is so small it only weighs 38.5 grams. Its black and white e-ink screen makes using the phone clear and concise for all users, the Light Phone 2 is the first phone that's rejecting the modern resources of technology available in most smartphones on the market. Do you agree that smartphones are distracting us from living in the moment? 

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