Benefits of a business landline

Having a business landline number looks professional

Perception is reality, and the reality is that many customers associate business landline numbers with size and credibility. Clients get the impression that you’re a genuine and serious business with an office and staff.

People often prefer to call business landlines

Not only is it generally less expensive, but it feels more convenient to the user. There is nothing more annoying than ringing someone on their mobile phone and the signal is poor, or there’s no answer because they are out and about.

A business landline gives people a central point of contact

In mobile-only businesses, it can sometimes mean that they’re multiple mobile phone numbers. This can become confusing and sometimes frustrating for customers who have to phone between numbers before they get through to the right person.

Business landlines provide more services

There are many services that landlines provide that mobiles cannot, for example, ‘hold’, ‘divert’ and ‘transfer’. Most modern landlines can even divert a call to a mobile phone if required.

Business landlines make call recording possible

Having a business landline allows your business to set up a call recording system. This can be especially useful if you had forgotten to write down or had lost important information.

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