They estimate that up to four million people in the UK have been taken advantage of by some of the UK’s biggest mobile networks, who have been continuing to charge for mobile handsets even after the customer’s contract has ended.

Once a customer’s mobile phone contract has ended, the customer is only required to continue paying for texts, calls and data, as they will have paid off the cost of their handset. However, this has been proven false by Citizen’s Advice, who brought to light that the average customer is overcharged £22 per month and as much as £38 per month for pricier handsets, such as iPhones.

Citizen’s Advice has called for the offending mobile phone providers to be much clearer with their customers and to separate the cost of the phone from the mobile services provided, in order to avoid overcharging and misunderstandings in the future. 

Head of Citizen’s Advice, Gillian Guy also stressed that: “consumers should check their phone bills to see if they can save money with a SIM-only contract or upgrade to a new phone." 

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