According to a survey of 500 managers and executives conducted in 2016 by Samsung and Frost & Sullivan, nearly an hour (58 minutes) of work time was gained each day by using mobile phones for work, resulting in a huge 34% increase in overall productivity.

42% of those surveyed also reported that using mobile phones for work helped increase the speed of innovation, whilst 35% saw an overall improvement in the quality of their work.

So why are mobile phones so great for businesses?

An increasing number of businesses are using and developing bespoke mobile applications in order to carry out their work, as well as meet the needs of their customers.

In fact, mobile users have overtaken desktop users as the largest source of online traffic in 2018, with a 52.2% share. Therefore, businesses are turning more to mobile-first technology in order to better meet customer requirements. 

There are also significant time and therefore cost benefits to using business mobile phones, including better communication, the distribution of important files and documents at the touch of a button, and wide-spread, easy access to company databanks whenever you need it. 

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