Top Five Reasons why a SIM only mobile deal is right for you

  • You will save money - SIM only deals tend to be significantly cheaper than a traditional mobile phone contract which usually includes the cost of the handset in the price. If you already have your own mobile phone or are happy to purchase this separately, moving on to a SIM only mobile deal could really reap rewards
  • A SIM only deal is more flexible - Life can be unpredictable, so a SIM only mobile is a perfect option as SIM only contracts can be very short term. You can even find some SIM only contracts that last as little as thirty days on a rolling month-by-month basis, therefore affording you the option to renew it month by month – it’s really that flexible! 
    Pay as you go contracts can be done over 6 months, 12 months and even 24 months if required. You also only pay for the minutes, data and texts that you use, so there is no wastage.
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  • A SIM only deal makes it easier to upgrade your mobile phone - An average mobile phone contract tends to last around two years, in that time, dozens of new smart phones are released by the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and more. A SIM only deal is an ideal way to ensure that you have the latest must-have mobile phone, as you are not tied in by your mobile phone and can upgrade your mobile phone at any time you want.
  • A SIM only deal allows you to shop around - Click here to check out our latest mobile phones!Being on a shorter SIM only mobile deal allows you to shop around for a better mobile deal.  If you are using up your minutes or data, simply switch to a new SIM only mobile phone deal and go on to a new tariff. All you will need to do is to insert the new sim card into your mobile phone.
  • A SIM only deal can be dual purpose - Do you need to use your business mobile phone with your personal mobile phone? Why not consider a dual-SIM smartphone? Dual-SIM handsets allow you to use two SIM cards on one device which is ideal for those who want to use one SIM card for home and one for work purposes.
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